Are you struggling with your data?

  • Do you think your spend data is in bad shape and not good enough to do spend analysis?
  • Are you pressed for time to get a view of how much you are spending with what supplier for which good/services and where you can save money?
  • Do you need to get a consolidated view of all spend, e.g. across multiple finance systems, credit cards, etc…?

Enter SPAT

SPAT uses Machine Learning, to classify even the lowest quality data: All we need is a supplier name and a free text description.

Speed is of the essence. We turn your spend analysis around within 48 hours, to higher accuracy than seen elsewhere.

A single supplier can supply across multiple categories, therefore we don’t map on GL codes or supplier names.

With our category structure being able to match your UNSPSC.

Value/benefit of SPAT

  1. Get spend visibility
  2. Identify savings opportunities 
  3. Minimise maverick spend 
  4. Rationalise supplier base 
  5. Manage supply risks
  6. Base decisions on sound data analysis 
  7. Build a roadmap for designing your procurement function 

The results from SPAT speak for themselves

By aggregating all supplier spend and separating this across a variety of categories and locations, we are able to ascertain a starting point for determining where the greatest savings can be made.

Our analysis not only focuses on the dollar figures associated with spend, but the ‘who?’,‘what?’ and ‘why?’ of the spend. We are able to take data which has previously been of very little value to our client and turn it into a dashboard with clearly identifiable insights.


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Spend Analysis - is it all too hard? Not with SPAT!

Get the most accurate, speedy and affordable spend analysis that can handle even poor quality data.

How do you quickly make sense of data that is of the lowest quality?

The solution? Combining machine learning and good old human experience.

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