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Public sector procurement presents unique challenges. Not only is there the constant pressure to buy better and smarter in a high risk, high stakes environment but the function is often burdened with compliance requirements and red tape .

This can be further compounded when suppliers fail to deliver the expected performance or worse end up in dysfunctional contract relationships.

Our deep expertise gained in public sector procurement over the last 20 years makes us highly effective at assessing the situation, problems and needs of your contracts, procurement functions, processes and teams.

You'll have access to the best possible advice and support, transferred to your team and underpinned by a customised methodology that ensures genuine long-lasting practical results.

Client Stories


Is your organisation or procurement team facing the following challenges?

  • Tasked with buying complex services we don't have any expertise in
  • Forced to procure within unreasonable timeframes
  • The stakes are high and we don't feel our team has the expertise to get this right
  • Our procurement processes are just too complicated, time consuming, prone to errors
  • We don't have time to proactively fix the problems and are constantly expected to do more with less
  • My team members lack the strong procurement capabilities required now and into the future
  • Our contracts and suppliers continually under-perform and give my team headaches

We help Government agencies and their teams:

  • Gain confidence and access deep expertise to tackle high stakes procurement in any category
  • Deliver projects with less risk and in less time by streamlining systems and processes
  • Competently handle the most complex of projects thrown at them
  • Elevate the standing of the role of procurement within the organisation
  • Implement better practice contract and performance frameworks
  • Become highly effective at maximising the value from contracts and driving expected behaviours from suppliers
  • Fix existing dysfunctional contracts and relationships with suppliers

We do this by:

  • Adding our team of industry leading experts to your project team for rapid up-skilling of procurement capability
  • Diagnosing problems with your contracts, systems, process and capabilities and implementing better practice
  • Streamlining existing processes, policies and templates
  • Managing individual or ongoing high stakes procurement projects on your behalf 
  • Train and coach your team and transferring knowledge across the whole contract life-cycle

Our Consulting Services

High Stakes Procurement Management

In high visibility, high pressure environments and situations teams can sometimes focus on self-preservation and firefighting rather than ensuring that negotiated benefits materialise and risk exposure is minimised.

You can:

  • Rely on the rigour behind our tried and tested procurement process for a smooth-running and compliant procurement experience
  • Implement Grosvenor’s best practice contract and performance management frameworks
  • Outsource all or part of your procurement process to us

Contract Management

More often than not service providers disappoint. Managers end up spending most of their time putting out fires and dealing with poor performance rather than making strategic decisions. 

We help you:

  • Introduce a contract management and supplier relationship management framework to drive the required behaviour from your suppliers
  • Determine if your contracts are on track and where they are under-performing and get them up to scratch through our contract health checks
  • Fix a dysfunctional contract or relationship

Procurement Transformation

Transforming the way procurement is done often receives internal resistance particularly if to date it has been ineffectual or an impediment to getting things done.

Our team will:

  • Assess the procurement capabilities of people, systems and processes. Diagnose exactly where the pain is, what is causing it and then implement the changes with you
  • Give you the time to focus on the important not only the urgent through improved planning and better category management
  • Streamline procurement policies, processes, guidelines and templates 
  • Coaching and tailored training across the whole contract life-cycle

Where to Start?

Following initial discussions, the Situation Analysis is how we start most engagements.

The Situation Analysis workshop, which typically runs for 3 hours, commences with an educational session on cutting edge procurement practices that drive real savings and marked supplier performance improvements. We’ll also discuss in broad terms projects we’ve undertaken with organisations similar to yours and how we have helped them achieve their goals.

We will then perform a three step diagnosis:

Diagnostic 1: Understand your customers

  1. What are the business objectives outlined in your organisations business plan?
  2. How can procurement deliver against each business objective?

Diagnostic 2: Understand your spend

  1. Based on your general ledger data we will run high level spend analysis to understand who you are spending money with, how much, when and on what.
  2. We will then identify where your biggest savings opportunities are.

Diagnostic 3: Understand current capabilities and maturity

  1. We will ask a series of questions from our better practice comparator to understand the capability of your procurement team, systems and processes.
  2. We then identify how your function can deliver against the opportunities identified during the Situation Analysis.

On completion, we will provide you with a high-level 3-4-page Situation Analysis (we all love brevity) that aligns procurement’s strategic direction with your overall business strategy. It will outline the short and long-term steps you need to take to ensure your procurement function is best practice and the right fit for your organisation now and into the future.

The only provisos for this workshop (which is no charge) are:

  • All attendees read the ‘Procurement Manifesto’
  • Your CFO, COO and CPO are present.
  • Our travel costs are covered if applicable

If you’d like more information or would like to undertake a Situation Analysis complete the form and we’ll be in contact shortly.