2016 Supplier Performance Benchmarks: How do you compare to Australia’s champions?

2016 Supplier Performance Benchmarks: How do you compare to Australia’s champions?
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Benchmark yourself against the champions of supplier leadership

Do you ever wonder if your suppliers are performing as well as they could? Do you want to know how the leading organisations in Australia are getting more from their suppliers and getting better business outcomes?

Did you know that identifying your dominant leadership style is an easy first step to improving your supplier relationships and results?

In Grosvenor’s 2016 procurement study, we investigated the relationship between supplier performance and leadership style more closely. After surveying 119 organisations in Australia, we found that Transformational Leaders receive up to 27% higher performance from their suppliers than leaders who prefer a different leadership style.

Intrigued to discover your dominant leadership style and how you compare to the champions?

Use our free interactive self-assessment tool to discover:

  • your dominant leadership style
  • how it impacts your supplier results
  • how you compare to Australia’s champions
  • what you can do to improve your leadership and business outcomes

Benchmark yourself now!

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