Are your procurement efforts on par with your peers?

Are your procurement efforts on par with your peers?
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Benchmark your procurement team

We developed an interactive tool for you to benchmark your procurement team’s efficiency and effectiveness with your peers. Want to know how your organisation compares? Give it a go! It’s free and only takes 5 minutes!

Ever wondered how much comparable organisations save per year in your category of spend?

We benchmarked 81 leading organisations in Australasia to identify the most effective savings tactics in use, and understand who is using them to the best effect.

Complete eight simple questions for a comparison of your procurement team against these leading organisations.


  1. Your overall annual savings
  2. Savings other organisations are realising in a similar-sized spend category
  3. Savings other organisations are achieving in your category of spend
  4. Your savings tactics with the best-performing organisations.

Benchmark your procurement team now – it’s free and fast!

Benchmark your team's effectiveness now!

Are you constantly asked to deliver more but don’t have the necessary resources? Is your team the right size for the job?

We collected efficiency benchmarks from 60 procurement teams from leading Australasian organisations. How efficient is your team? Use our interactive tool to compare:

  1. The number of employees other organisations need to deliver similar procurement programs
  2. How many procurement projects other teams run per year
  3. How long your procurement projects take against peer organisations
  4. The maturity of your procurement systems, procedures and staff capabilities.

Start benchmarking your efficiency now! It only takes 5 minutes!

Benchmark your team's efficiency now!

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2018 Procurement Study

Eight Savings Myths Debunked

Findings from our 2018 Procurement Study

We studied 159 organisations, asking them about their most successful procurement initiative in the last 12 months and benefits achieved.

The research is in:

  • Real data and insight from your peers
  • A summary of 8 procurement savings myths that you thought were true
  • As each myth is debunked, new insights are revealed by the data
  • You can have better performance and higher savings
  • Identify how you can predict which contract has the highest potential for additional savings