Emily Dao

Emily Dao

Accounts Officer

BCompSc (ongoing)

Emily brings a consulting background to the Finance team, with experienced on projects spanning education, local and state government sectors. Emily has a robust knowledge of corporate governance, enabling her to see Finance not as a standalone department, but as an integral part of a high-performing organisation.

As Grosvenor’s Accounts Officer, Emily’s aptitude in technology has enabled her to identify opportunities to improve financial systems and processes. A highly driven team member, Emily continually seeks to further develop her analytical, finance and communication skills to support company growth.

I feel very fortunate to be part of the Grosvenor family who continues to provide me various opportunities for personal and professional growth. When I’m not crunching numbers at work, you can find me participating at hackathons to channel my inner curiosity and discovering the possibilities of technology.

Key areas of expertise

  • supporting the finance and administrative functions
  • management of payments and expenditures
  • communication with debtors, suppliers and clients
  • continuous improvement
  • information systems